Message From Organizing Secretary

Dear colleagues & friends,

Season's greetings from the Organising Committee of 7th National Conference of Academy of Regional Anaesthesia of India (AORA INDIA-2017, Regional Anaesthesia- Towards precision & safety) from Indore, Madhya Pradesh. It gives me immense pleasure and honour to welcome you to Indore, to be a part of the mega event. Modern day anaesthesia practice mainly revolves around safety and success. Nobody is ready to accept a failure or a complication in the preset scenario. To get over this situation, Regional Anaesthesia is growing as an integral important component of anaesthesia practice. That is the mission of AORA, to empower all practising anaesthesiologists with knowledge and skills so as to get full success with safety. In recognition of the newer developments, in regional anaesthesia techniques, broadened perspective, and increased demand, we should know the basics and controversies of regional anaesthesia. The scientific session and workshops will be of immense value for the practicing and budding anaesthesiologists. Scientific sessions will be refresher lectures, symposia, pro/con debates, panel discussions, how do I do, video demonstrations by acclaimed national and international faculties. There will be Live Case workshops with live demonstration of blocks and direct interaction with the operator and experts. The hands-on workshop will include use of PNS, Ultrasound for 100% successful regional anaesthesia and will be supervised by experts in the field of regional anaesthesia. This should give everyone an opportunity to learn and interact with the expert faculty and adopt new skills into your clinical practice. The programme will also include free paper presentations, poster presentation which will be aimed at post graduate students. There will be opportunity to win exciting prizes.

The host city, Indore, is the cosmopolitan, commercial city and food capital and the most happening place in Madhya Pradesh. It is famous for its hospitality and most importantly Malwa cuisine. Thank you very much and we look forward to welcoming you to Indore and expect you enjoy this exciting annual event of AORA India.

With Regards,

Dr. Javed Khan

Organizing Secretary - AORA India

Message From Chairman

Dear Colleagues,

The last decade belongs to Regional Anaesthesia. We have seen rapid strides on several facets of Regional Anaesthesia invluding New technologies in Ultrasound Guided blocks, echogenic needles, new block techniques, continuous perineural infusions, tips and tricks to minimise complications. All these have led to safe practise of Regional anaesthesia immensely benefitting the patient. To learn about all these kindly rub shoulders with the National and International faculties at Indore during the National Conference of Academy of Regional Anaesthesia of India. Dr Javed and his team are all set to give us the best experience ever. Looking forward to meeting you all in Indore.

With regards,

Dr. Balavenkat

National Chairman AORA India.

Message From President

Dear Friends,

‘Safety’ has always been paramount to the anaesthesiologist while caring for patients in the perioperative period. With specific regard to regional anaesthesia, ‘success’ is essential for both surgical anaesthesia and postoperative analgesia. Therefore, the chosen theme for AORA INDIA 2017, ‘a way to safety and success’ is apt given the appeal regional anaesthesia holds for practicing members of our community. Do join hands with AORA INDIA in propagating the salutary benefits of regional anaesthesia, and join us at AORA INDIA 2017 at Indore in the month of September !!

With Regards,


President - AORA India

Message From Secretary

Dear colleagues & friends,

The mission statement of Academy Of Regional Anaesthesia, “To learn, teach, research and innovate regional anaesthesia throughout India and empower us to benefit our patients through this service”, is gathering force. With powerful determination, AORA has till date delivered highly constructive conferences with great standard as well as small focused workshops in various parts of our country. We, to large extent, have been able to translate our promises into actions through collective efforts of our office bearers , AORA members and off course through every anaesthesiologist in this vast country who firmly believes in Regional Anaesthesia. AORA 2017 Annual National conference, organized under the leadership of Dr. Javed Khan, is sure to be another milestone in AORA journey.
I extend a warm invitation to all for AORA 2017.
This is surely going to be a great event to attend as the enthusiasm of the organizing team palpable .

With Regards,

Dr. Vrushali Ponde

Managing Trustee and Founder Secretary - AORA India


Dear colleagues & friends,

I consider it a great pleasure to extend an invitation to participate in the Seventh National Conference of the Academy of Regional Anaesthesia AORA 2017 in Indore from 8th to 10th September 2017. Dr Javed Khan, the organizing Secretary, is also an executive member of National Committee of AORA India. I am certain that the organizers will deliver an event to exacting standards in all respects & keeping the spirit of the theme - "Towards Precision & safety". A team of international & national faculties will take part on the event over three days. They will be dealing all the issues of regional anaesthesia techniques with delegates. I do hope your spirited participation will enrich scientific deliberations and social interaction at the Indore Conference. I wish best of luck & success to Dr. Javed & his team.

With Regards,

Dr. Sandeep M. Diwan

Academic Director - AORA India